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classic Uniform office ServicesClassic Uniform is an apparel manufacturing company specializing in uniforms of private, governments and corporate enterprises. Based in Dubai, classic uniform supply uniform, accessories and linen items to the entire Middle East lead by a expert and experienced management and possessing a manufacturing unit with state of the art machineries and technologies, classic uniform is driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to quality.

How to Order

Customers can place orders by phone, fax, mail or internet. Received orders are to be confirmed by us and after the approval of the fabric, colour, design and style items are delivered to the customers in polythene wrapped packages. In order to avoid mix up of size etc packages are wrapped individually. Bulk packages are also shipped to the requirements of corporates.

How Measurements are Done

In addition to standards sizes, we also have facilities to produce uniforms in individual measurements. We provide measurement forms with instructions to take measurements, which duly filled, will be prepared to the individual needs. They will be individually packed with names printed and affixed on the package and delivered directly. Details are given on enquiry.


Packages are delivered to customers via door delivery, shipment by air or sea. Rates for delivery will be confirmed on enquiry.


50% of the amount must be paid with the order and rest at the delivery. Courier and other transportation charges will be charged to the customers account.

Return and Refund Policy

Any garments not meeting the specified quality as per the order or any items sent erroneously can be returned to us after contacting us with sufficient information about the defect in proper form with in 10 days.

classic uniform